Friday, April 08, 2005

What Is To Be Done?

Anyone interested in a Drinking Liberally night here in Chequamegon Country? It could be fun, particularly with Daylight Savings Time in effect. Let me know through the comments & maybe something can be arranged.

Below is some good advice from The Mighty Corrente Building.
Let's get together & do this, particularly #4.

corrente / Leah, Lambert, Tresy, the farmer, Tom, Xan, and RDF

Still, there are key things to be done, aside from watching dates:

1. Make sure no GOPer runs unopposed, for any office, from dog-catcher on up.
2. Make sure poll-watchers are organized and ready. Keep writing those letters demanding a paper trail for e-voting.
3. Help good candidates get on the ballot and help them campaign EARLY.
4. Get the energy up with music and food.
5. Watch for local races—county chairs, school boards, etc.
6. Be crafty; e.g., help Libertarians run in heavily GOP districts.

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