Saturday, April 09, 2005

Example 6,381 Of Why We Should Not Have Elected You Know Who

Among the many, many things that make me sick of Bush: his contempt for science. For those of us who remember Sputnik or were eating potato salad made by a friend's wife at Devil's Lake when they came back from the moon, or watched, with our very young children, as a teacher & others became white smoke, I'm pissed. NASA, minus the military stupidity, was/is part of the government that really looks forward & backward, in the case of the birth of our solar system. It's exciting to see pictures from way out there. Not only does the Emperor (see pic post below) wear no clothes, he also has no understanding of what inspires people. Nova Scotia....

Read: (for those of you new to blogs, just click on the highlighted link, in this case, uggabugga, & you will be taken where I want you to go.)

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