Sunday, April 10, 2005

Comment on the News #234

via the Duluth News Tribune, Sunday, 10 April, 2005

This is from a Los Angeles Times story about the shooting of a Texas high school football coach. Now we all know that football in Texas is like football in any state, i.e., it means more than education. & Texas, known for a mother killing her daughter’s cheerleading competition, now has one father shooting & critically injuring a coach. What to make of this? It’s stupid, that’s what. Here is a quote from a resident of the town in question, Canton, TX:

"If I’m a coach and my son is on the team and is that talented,
I might be a little less impartial,” said Bridgefarmer, stabbing a
pickle slice with a fork. “We try to be objective, but when it
comes to your own children, it’s hard....This guy (the shooter)
thought he was trying to take care of his son, too."
(emphasis mine, ed.)

It must be hard work being a Texan, oh wait a minute, Bush has already told us that. It’s hard work & OK to shoot someone in the chest because your son didn’t make the football team. I wonder if Bush’s position as the number one executioner in America had any influence on the shooter, but more importantly, over this guy named Bridgefarmer. How do you excuse attempted, at least as of this post, murder? Apparently, in Texas, it’s not hard work.

& right next to the story above, is this story, from the AP: “Statehouses lean toward greater access to guns”

In Florida, you’ll be able to kill someone if they can’t stand the Dolphins
& they step toward you.

In Arizona, you might be able to pack heat into a bar or restaurant, as long
as you don’t drink. Who’s going to take away your gun when you’re

In North Dakota you can get a concealed-weapon permit without showing
that you know how to shoot the damn gun!

Florida, Arizona, & North Dakota are going off my travel plans right now. Off my retirement plans, too. I really was seriously thinking about North Dakota, you know, I really like hunting ducks & upland birds, sharptails & huns. Well, screw them if they are all going to collectively loose their minds over handguns. & here is that idiot Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, otherwise know as the National ReThuglian Association:

"The whole country as a whole is taking another look, across the board, at
the idea that maybe it makes good sense to allow people to protect them-
selves in as many situations as possible."

Says who?
I hate these people.

I’m a Badger, but after reading this, I may keep that quiet for awhile.

from the Duluth News Tribune 4/10/2005:

Five anglers from Wisconsin face nearly $7,000 in fines and restitution
after being caught with 206 perch more than their legal limit on Lake
Winnibigoshish, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources re-
ported in last week’s media update.


Charged in Cass County District Court with gross overlimit of perch
were Bradley Arthur Bricco, 31, of Shawano, Wis.; Cotty George
Barrett, 47, West Bend, Wis.; Allen Emil Barrett, 45, Marion, Wis.;
Richard Charles Bricco, 52, and David Roy Anderson, 45, both
of Clintonville, Wis.

Greedy bastards! I hope they are appropriately shunned in their home towns. If fact, I hope the local papers make prominent note of this. Unfortunately, this isn’t as rare as it appears. At least in Wisconsin & Minnesota, game wardens are under a lot of pressure, primarily due to low numbers of wardens, & low budgets.

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