Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well, it's a hard, cold rain falling in northern Wisco tonight, I'll need to go into the woods tomorrow & drag some wood back for the furnace, The Twins, plus Mom & Dad & CoCo, the dog, are coming up for what looks like a very chilly Easter. So, I thought I'd change the blog template & see if I & my four loyal readers like it. I've also done some redoing of the links list, I've deleted Atrios because he did this silly thing of eliminating a bunch of blogs from his blogroll, an exercise in bad power usage. I still read him everyday, but he gets so much traffic, he doesn't need my help anymore, or the help of skippy, the bush kangaroo. So now my big time link will have to be Morning Martini. She's real big because she's had multiple mentions on Crooks and Liars.


Unknown said...

hey, you can count me as a reader, so now you have 5!

hizzoner said...

Heh....your day went like mine...After driving round-trip 326 miles,(the last 100 miles in heavy, driving rain and lightning,
I split some wood and put a nice, hot fire in the fireplace and poured a glass of wine...looking at the woodpile...will it last until Spring is really here?



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