Thursday, March 08, 2007


The National Transportation Safety Board recently divulged they had "covertly" funded a project with the U.S. automakers for the past 5 years, whereby the automakers were installing black-box voice recorders in 4-wheel drive pickup trucks and SUV's in an effort to determine fatal accidents, the circumstances in the last 15 seconds before the crash.

They were surprised to find in 48 of the 50 states the recorded last words of drivers in 61.2 percent of fatal crashes were, "Oh Shit!"

Only Wisconsin and Minnesota were different, where 89.3 percent of the final words were: "Hold my beer, I'm gonna try something."

Thanks to my friend HW for this good joke.

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Craig Lowery said...

I was about to go find the black box and rip it out. That's a good one. Unfortunately, it's sort of true. My truck has ONSTAR.
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