Friday, March 30, 2007


This is the face of the people ruling America. I have zero problem with young people doing important jobs, but Bu$hCo has gone over the edge. Remember all the young MBAs sent to Iraq? They were far more interested in promoting a market economy than in getting the lights & air conditioners running. Small wonder things are FUBAR over there.

Sara Taylor is one of Bu$hCo's top advisers, she currently, or not so currently, as the case may be, reports to Karl Rove. If you click on the link (her name), you will notice what an incredibly short Wikipedia entry she has. Again, not to be a reverse ageist, but WTF is going on here?

Hat tip to Shutterwi.

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Craig Lowery said...

It looks like her entire career consists of being a political operative. She's "good at getting things done"... kind of like Donald Rumsfeld (remember J.D. Searle, Monsanto, and Aspartame in the early 1980's?). With all that time spent doing political hacking (oops, I mean "work") she probably knows as much about history and the moral underpinnings of civilization as Elmer Fudd. God help us.