Monday, March 12, 2007

I Guess I Missed This Trend

I was too busy trying to figure out why the ReThugs hated America & Americans,especially those with brown skin. Batting Left indeed. Here are some tidbits, mostly for laughs, but go read the whole thing. Please, my loyal four readers, please go read the whole thing. He's talking about that dick, David Brooks.

Then fame came calling with his pop sociology books, despite the fact that there's little enough need for real sociology,[*] and with the added bonus that it turned out the shit he made up was, somehow, more real than what the actual spade of research might have unearthed. And all was Golden. So like a bit-player baddie in an Indiana Jones flick, he imagines he can dazzle us with his scimitar display. But unlike Indy, we don't bother to shoot the man because he's so, well, laughable.


But Neoliberals are to the 70s and 80s what Grand Funk Railroad is to the 60s: talentless plonkers who jumped onto the first passing bandwagon in hopes of making a buck. Joe Klein is not the face of a failed, toothless liberalism. That's what we have Joe Biden for. Joe Klein is an ass.)


Pah. Neoliberalism was a cynical attempt by youngish moderate Democrats to improve their own electability as the party ran in terror of The Gipper That Wouldn't Die. (Compare the various permutations of "Creation Science" and its long-term effects on what the unlettered call Reality.) It drifted along with the currents until it smashed to bits on the shoals of the Bush administration. The survivors who refuse to swim towards the shore on the grounds that People Who Were Right All Along are not to be trusted can alight on whatever magazine they happen upon; that big bright light overhead is still gonna raise blisters. And had the Democrats stood up to the excesses of the Reagan administration as they should have it would have sunk without a bubble and spared everybody fifteen years of mal de mer.

Amen. I'm not religious. Emphasis added.

[*] -Don't repeat this to the former Dave Damrell, now, apparently known as Joseph Damrell.

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