Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just Who Is The Coward

This is a tough letter. Bu$hCo is too much a coward to answer it. What will it take for Bu$hCo to do the human thing? It's too late, it was always too late with that crowd. Not one fucking Bush served in this war, not one. Bu$hCo . himself. went AWOL from the Air National Guard. I wonder how my bone doctor, actually in the Air Guard, feels about taking orders from a deserter? Oh, Bu$hCo, my doc is on his second deployment in Iraq, second deployment for a Guard member. I hope he's got a good partner, just in case my knee completely blows out.
The two-page letter is signed from the “proud father of a fallen soldier.”

A little more than six weeks ago, his soul a cauldron of grief and rage, Richard Landeck, 56, of Wheaton addressed and mailed it to President Bush.

And since he’s yet to receive an acknowledgment or reply, he asked me if I’d help get his message out.

Six weeks that bastard George W. Bu$hCo can't even answer a letter.

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Craig Lowery said...

Quote from the letter: "He said when he and his men were riding down the road in their Humvees, roadside bombs would explode and they would hear bullets bouncing off their vehicle. He said they were scared. He thought “why should we be the ones who are scared?” He asked permission to take some of his men out at night with their night vision glasses because as he said “we own the night” and watch for the people who are setting roadside bombs and “take them out.” He said, “I want them to be the ones that are scared.” He was denied permission. Why?"

Do you know why? I do. It isn't pretty.

The only way this problem will get fixed is for the docile, sedated American people to rise up and do to Bush and his cronies what the people of Romania did to Ceaucesque.