Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Hate Indiana

But since my best friend lives there, they got rid of that monster Bobby Knight, Notre Dame still sucks, & they've got this guy blogging away, I may have to reconsider my overheated dismay. While there is so much wrong with the subject matter, I laughed. & in my situation, that's a good thing.

And that matter actually gets funnier (both "ha-ha" funny and "gee this milk tastes" funny) after a quick page-long explanation of what disciplinary action will be taken, or at least considered, for the first five offenses. That's where we run into the outline of the procedure for a parent or guardian to request a waver of the "IPS Student Uniform Dress Policy" (the section was obviously prepared before the Task Force finalized its Resolution of Committee Thoughts on Nominalization). A waver may be requested on religious, philosophical, or medical grounds. Philosophical grounds. I love that. Who's excused, do you suppose? Sceptics? Nihilists, sophists, existentialists? Nudists? They are required--this really tells you all you need to know--to contact the school to request an Application for Exemption from Uniform Dress Policy form.

Emphasis added. "Nihilists" - go John Goodman & the rest of the crew in Lebowski.

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