Friday, January 07, 2011

Wall Street Has Been So Helpful, So Legal, So Ethical, So Why Not Daley?

You know, loyal five (yes, 5!) readers, I'm feeling dickish enough, immature enough, pissed off enough to claim right now that I am not voting for President Obama's reelection.  What's the real point?  All he has managed to do is tinker (ineffectively) around the margins of the serious problems in this country.  & now, giving me & the rest of the left (I'm not much of a professional) the finger, he appoints another banker to help him negotiate (negotiate?) the trouble that is a ReThug House.  I suppose this might be the right move since I am not a person who can make huge campaign donations. & cynical ole me predicts that come next year President Obama will roll up his sleeves, put on some sunglasses, buff up a bit more & do his version of cutting brush.  I'm not so sure that the young, the independent (sort of), the left, & the professional left will be so easily duped this time.  It's too bad.  A monstrous opportunity was lost, no, purposely wasted.

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