Friday, January 21, 2011

Scott Walker Is An Asshole Part 2

It's funny, isn't it?  If Walker gets his complete way, & it looks that way since Wisco voters acted studpidly in the last election, we will be the Mississippi of the north.  & look how great Mississippi is:

Median Family Income: $39,319.00 (Ranked 50th)  -  Wisco: $55,780.00 (ranked 18th)

Nest Egg Index: 85.48 (Ranked 50th)  -  Wisco: 107.41 (ranked 9th) 

Education (% of students above national average - math): 1%  (ranked 49th)  -  Wisco: 7% (ranked 8th)

Education-Best Educated: -14.31 (ranked 49th, only AZ is worse, hmmm)  -  Wisco: 8.45 (ranked 8th)

Health: 18.43 (ranked 49th)  -  Wisco: 8.07  (ranked 14th)

I think y'all can get the drift.  This is where Scott Walker & Company are taking us.  Kill high speed rail, kill biomass heating plant.  We're open for business all right. 



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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% I was sorry to learn that asssembly republicans last week met 10 minutes earlier than democrats to quickly pass the bill without chance of debate or amendments.Thats just diry pool.....