Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time For American Students, Of All Age Groups, To Learn & Follow Their European Brothers & Sisters

& the Bristish students could show the way & manner of reacting to what's happening to America.  The same the betrayal of the young, the independent, the left, the normal everyday person is going on here.  & now, with his Wall St. buddies President Obama is abandoning the middle class, or, I should say, what is left of America's middle class.

Like Obama, Clegg was an inspirational, out-of-the-box candidate who energized a generation of young voters. Although the U.S. president's ratings have also fallen sharply, Clegg appears to be facing a far stronger backlash, especially among students.

"I supported the Lib Dems. I campaigned for them amongst my friends and handed out leaflets," said Rachel Sullivan, 20, an English literature major at Oxford who has taken part in the demonstrations. "But now I feel that I was championing a childish cause, a cause for people who were not honest about what they stood for. . . . There are many students who will never vote Lib Dem again."

My emphasis.

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