Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I did not watch the speech.  I listened to Thom Hartmann yesterday & I'm starting to hear something pretty creepy, namely, the refrain of would you rather have McCain?  & even for 2012, do you want Palin? or Huckabee (not likely since the $3 million home in FL is in the way)? or you name the low-life ReThug.  Maybe, just maybe, we should all vote for the worst ReThug in the bunch.  Let America reach rock bottom sooner, rather than later.  Just look at Wisco, my home state.  The ReThugs are in complete control - legislative, governor, Supreme Court (the best that money can buy, literally).  The stupid governor is now demanding that he should be able to tell the agencies in charge of implementing the law how to implement the law - every agency.  He will probably get that authority.  He is on his way to becoming our dear leader.  Things are worse than I ever imagined they would be.  I figured the brain addled Reagan (red Ron, Jr.'s new book) was an anomaly.  All those years as a particularly bad B-actor paid off in spades for him, & the country suffered, but we would be able to overcome.  I don't believe that anymore.  In fact, I'm starting to think about removing myself completely from the political, what's the point?  This isn't original, see Norwegianity.

Speaking of that blog, read  this.
No comment on the SOTU. Nothing Obama says or does is of any interest to me. I may hav(sic) slipped back into my politic ways, but I do not intend to waste my time or yours with that which matters little, all having been settled in a boardroom  or club long before being debated in Congress.
I strongly suspect that nothing the Democrats ever do or say again will much impress me. They are not the smug swine of the right, but in every other regard are as unacquainted with truth and the  right path as any tax protesting shirker on the right.

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