Saturday, January 08, 2011

Arizona - Is This America's Future?

Possibly. I resent this ReThug Horne criticizing Pedagogy of the Oppressed.*  This is a great book about education, or as the case  may be, the lack of education.  I'm telling you Jim Harrison,** you better move out of this asshole state sooner rather than later. It's a sad thing, this hatred of anyone who is non-white, or chooses to see reality as it is & then chooses to do something about it.  We Dirty Fucking Hippies are right, have been right all along, but we have chosen, like our intellectual & practical forebears to help people get healthier, help people to become happier, help people realize what their brains & body can do, make sure everyone has decent housing, safe food, clean air & water, unemployment insurance, Social Security, Medicare, smooth roads, sewers, & weekends.  All that means, of course, is that we did stuff rather than opt to make billions or climb the power ladder by stabbing our friends, foes, & family in the back.
*You can buy this wonderful book at Powell's Books, a great independent bookstore with internets reach.  They are much better than Amazon, although they don't sell dildoes or lawn furniture.
**You can also buy all of Harrison's books at Powell's as well.  It would serve you well to read all of his work.  His poetry is fantastic & his fiction wonderful.

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nonheroicvet said...

Guess that for Jan Brewer ugly is more than skin deep.