Friday, January 28, 2011

The Chanllenger Disaster

I was sitting at home, nothing new there, & was watching the teevee.  The disaster was all over the news during the day.  The Kid, who about 8 years old at the time, came home & said they had talked about it at school.  It was strange, watching the wispy, white clouds that were what was left of the shuttle, of the people, drift downward.  I remembered sitting on the ground at Devil's Lake State Park here in Wisco having a picnic with my best friend & his then wife.  It was hot, C. was very pregnant & worried if the potato salad was OK in the heat.  That was the day we landed on the moon, fulfilling the promise JFK made years earlier.  I must say, we weren't impressed.  We were in school learning about all kinds of stuff, including the immense problems facing the country & the world.  Vietnam, of course, pollution in women's breast milk, racism in the academy, poverty, & a long losing streak by the Wisco Badger football team.  While I'm fascinated by space, space travel, research, etc., the military clearly took over the space program.  All the secret payloads,etc., sure didn't inspire me to think beyond the planet.  BTW, the potato salad was fine, no one  got sick.

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