Tuesday, January 18, 2011

& They Are Going To Make Him A Saint?

John Paul II died in 2005.  Yet, in 1997, the Vatican, which at last look, was run by John Paul II, told the Irish bishops to shut the fuck up about priests molesting/raping/abusing children.  I guess they had to lower the bar a bit in order to sneak this awful human being into the saint club.

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nonheroicvet said...

I think that becoming a saint doesn't involve goodness, rather ones ability to perform magic is the main criteria. Like John Paul II made the Irish problem magically disappear. They will take a couple of his bones and put them into a very expensive gold and silver box with a glass window (they are a ghoulish bunch) and put the box into a niche in a Very Old Church in Poland with a permanent light.

The current pope Ratzo I will likely recieve the same treatment for his magic work with the unpleasantness at the School for the Deaf in southern Wisconsin.