Saturday, January 08, 2011

Looking Out Into A Sunny, Very Cold Morning, I, Of Course, Run Across A Truth Like This

mf has a great post/essay on one person's understanding that all is impermanent. Along with any sense of responsibility from the government, i.e., us (theoretically, I know), he saw how bogus the social contract was/is in a country that, as a matter of policy, respects free markets more than people.

I could no longer convince myself that what I witnessed was an anomaly and not the way the world worked. When all of your assumptions about life and society, even those o, ne mocked (religion, the government) were proved to be made of thin tissue that could not stand up to the flood waters, when confronted with all of the lies required to live as a decent, respectable human being in this place and time, it was more than my mind could handle. I struggled to assemble some new organizational scheme, some way to make sense of the world and myself.

It's going to get worse, people, maybe, since I'm butchering up a button buck road kill today, not much blood, but plenty of knives.

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