Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Wealthy Are Truly Different That You And Me

Justice is not blind, it can tell if an accused person is wealthy. Then stuff like this happens.
Representatives for Cheney and Halliburton met with Nigerian officials in London over the weekend. In the United States, KBR has already admitted bribing Nigerian officials. In February 2009, the company agreed to pay a $402 million fine. Halliburton itself paid $177 million to settle allegations paid to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but didn't admit wrongdoing. Still, despite the settlements, Halliburton's spokeswoman said “there is no legal basis for the charges” in a statement Dec. 8. Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission spokesman Femi Babafemi told Reuters the company had offered to pay up to $250 million.

How about a couple of questions often posed by ReThugs: (1) If you are innocent, why did you run? (2) If you are innocent, why did you pay the fine? I am not going to hold me breath waiting for an answer. I'm going to do what the ReThugs do all the time - guilty, guilty guilty, guilty.

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