Friday, December 03, 2010

Weak? I'm Leaning More Toward Incompetant

What does President Obama think he's doing?  Read this.  It might help, but I don't think it will.  What a sad place we are at in this country.  & the people with the ideas, the energy, the truth are marginalized as the professional left, the non-grownups, idealists, etc., etc. 
But this week I have no blessed clue what the hell he's up to. I've tried to look at this from every angle and each one leads me back to weak, weak, weak.
He's following rules that no longer exist, pandering to voter attitudes that will have zero consequence in terms of both his approval numbers and his reelection chances. He's completely off the rails -- well beyond any notion of post-partisanship. In fact, if his intention has been to "change the way Washington does business," he's currently and epically failing because I simply can't believe that the new and improved way is this way.
Within roughly 24 hours, President Obama preemptively capitulated to the Republicans and proposed an unabridged GOP idea -- freezing federal worker salaries, then, almost as if on cue, the Senate Republicans put their unflinching childish obstructionism in writing and pledged to block everything unless the president extends the deficit-ballooning Bush tax rates. And in that mix, the Republicans blocked extensions of unemployment benefits. Twice.

I've highlighted the links that were in the original post. They make interesting, if sad, reading.

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