Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Partisan Judges? You Been Living In A Pipe Dream?

The Federal Judge who found the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance from private insurance companies unconstitutional has part ownership of a consulting firm called "Campaign Solutions."  Seems to me, an admitted elitist, that something like this stinks like a skunk flattened by a semi.

Or in case your are one of those singalong types, here's your chance.

Lest anyone be confused, I strongly opposed this HCR bill for many reasons, but foremost was this requirement that people buy insurance from private insurance companies. This is absurd on its face. If this is such a great idea, how come programs like Badgercare were developed? Badgercare in no panacea to the health care problems in Wisco, but if the market was such a great deliverer of product, how come it didn't deliver affordable health care to those without it? That question will hold true if poor people are required, under penalty from the IRS, to buy from private companies. The holy market doesn't much give a shit for people, especially poor people, who don't have a lot of spare change for investing.

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