Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Is What's Wrong With The United States Senate

What is so bad about the institutions that govern (rule) us, is that they really do not represent the wishes of the American public. The ReThuglican Party lost a vote on DADT fairly & squarely albeit later than it should have happened.  Because of that loss, they are allowed by the acane & stupid rules of the Senate to hold up & maybe defeat the New Start treaty with Russia.  & by defeating it I do not mean having more votes than those senators who support the treaty.  This is why our politics has become dangerous to our democracy.

With some prominent Republicans angry over passage of legislation ending the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military, the mood in the Senate turned increasingly divisive....


...complicated by a deadlock over spending and the political subtext about whether the pact’s approval would rejuvenate a weakened president after his party’s midterm election defeat.

So, they're pissed that they lost a vote, eh? I think I was taught that after the votes are counted we move on, we need to keep doing the stuff that keeps the people safe, secure, happy, healthy, invigorated, curious, & understanding. But see how this is working out? They're worried that President Obama might "look" better because he got a treaty ratified? Talk about acting as if the playground aide is inside taking a wizz.  This is all about politics with these evil ReThugs.  & the only American people that they give a rat's ass about are the super wealthy - they got their goddamned tax cuts.  Now we will wait, like we've been waiting since Alzheimer Ronnie, for that trickle to start moving down to us peons.  I hope my fellow peons aren't holding their collective breaths.  We will all be dropping like flies while we wait for that holy of holys - jobs created by giving the stupidly wealthy tax breaks.  Anyway, we need to somehow fix the Senate before it destroys the country.

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