Friday, December 31, 2010

One Thing Hasn't Changed In My Lifetime & It's Being Helped Now By J.B. Van Hollen

Wisco's a bunch of drunks.
A recent national student shows Milwaukee adults take down more drinks than any other city in the country. On average, they drank nearly 13 alcoholic drinks a month. And according to "The Daily Beast," 21.8% of those adults are considered binge drinkers.
 & the news just keeps getting better.
It's a sobering thought: nearly one in four Wisconsin drivers drove intoxicated in the past year. Wisconsin ranked number one in a recent poll as the state with the highest percentage of drivers who admit to driving drunk in the past year - 23.7 percent.
It would help, of course, if Wisco's ReThug Attorney General Van Hollen took drunk driving seriously. He doesn't.
The sharpest contrast: Hassett wants to end Wisconsin's status as the only state in the country where first-time drunken driving is a municipal violation, not a crime. Van Hollen opposes that, saying it would suck up resources that would be better spent chasing hardened criminals such as Internet sex predators.
Yes, it's really, really true that Internet sex predators kill many more people than drunk drivers. What a tool.  We have to remember that Van Hollen's friends are part of the drunken driving cohort.
"There are a great number of people - people I know personally - who have first offenses," Van Hollen said. "I don't consider them criminals, and I wouldn't want them to be tagged that way for the rest of their lives for having made what can legitimately be called a mistake."
My emphasis. Unbelievable, isn't it? Yet, the dumbo Wisco voters put the evil bastard back in office. We are on our way to joining Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama,, as dumb, poor, unhealthy, but supposedly good for business. I would like to know what was in these voter's heads, what led them to elect such backward thinkers, backward lookers?

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nonheroicvet said...

I hear you Mr Creek. The stupidest MFer on the planet beat my guy for Governor.