Saturday, December 25, 2010

They Say Today Is Xmas

Well, dig this:




Mrs. coldH2Owi had me put on a jacket & my insulated pacs so we could go down to the pole barn. While I thought I had kept a good eye on any movement in & around the barn, I began to hope I had missed something. Mrs. coolH2Owi pointed over into the right corner & said two things: "Obviously there is no boat" & "It's under that plastic over there." As my loyal five (yes, five!) readers have no doubt astutely observed, she was right, it was no boat. It will, however, be helpful around the chicken coop & the entrance to my workshop, places I can't get the snow blower to. Oh well, I had to walk to the barn this year, so maybe next year the walk will be as uplifting, so uplifting that I might be floating.

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