Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Morning Blues

No guts.

The move to delay the rules, announced this week by the Environmental Protection Agency, will leave in place policies set by President George W. Bush. President Obama ran for office promising tougher standards, and the new rules were set to take effect over the next several weeks.

No morals.

No accountability. Yet.

Absolutely no morals.

Complete & Utter Stupidity.  I sure hope you Walker-clone idiots are real happy. On the other hand, President Obama should have been doing this to his enemies (not post-partisan partners) for two years.


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nonheroicvet said...

If I were King and someone responded to a question by saying "well yes and no" or "it is and it isn't" I would make it OK to hit them with a pipe wrench.

Just an inspirational thought for the day.