Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sports Beat, Including The Blood Sports

Well, I did not put a dent in the whitetail deer population of Wisco this year.  In fact, sitting in the lonely blind only produced one sighting of three does & their fawns on the last day of the regular gun season.  I then sat in the blind for another week holding my muzzle loader & saw nothing but red squirrels, gray squirrels (one black phase), blue jays & ravens.  Then yesterday, as I was sitting sanctimoniously in the living room, a smallish six-point buck ran to right the blind & up past the sauna.  Oh well, at least I have a roadkill buck fawn hanging the the pole barn.  My brother-ion-law, the sainted Dan, found it & brought it up over Thanksgiving.  It looks to be good, not too banged up at all, the usual problem with roadkill.  He will make some great andouille sausage. I have come to really love jambalayagumbo.

Oh yeah, there was a professional football game last Sunday, the Packers beat the 49ers.  Here are the photos of the best catch of the game if not the whole weekend of professional football.

There was no college football of note here in Wisco.  The Badgers must now wait 5 or so weeks before they play in the Rose Bowl.  Too bad the brilliant minds of the NCAA member schools can't see the value of a playoff to determine the best team in the nation.  I often find the bowl games or the "championship" game to be not only anticlimactic, but also not very good.  I  mean, how good would you be if you didn't take a powder for 5 weeks?  I thought so. 

In terms of other football, i.e., Division 2  I see that the UMD Bulldogs are moving on. Now, a close map fanatic would note that UMD is not in Wisco & that would be correct, but coldH2Owiville is close to Duluth, in fact, before the purchase of the satellite dish, all of our teevee stations came from Duluth, so I feel the need to mention them. Plus, no Wisco team made the top 25 in Division 2.

In Division 3, our own UW-Whitewater is ranked Number 1 & will be in the final four this year, again.

OK, that's it until next Sunday when the Packers should beat the hapless Lions.

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