Monday, March 31, 2008

Vote For Louis Butler Tomorrow

This is a crucial judicial election in Wisco. Those of us with brains & ethics lost last time to someone who was unable to separate her family's interests from the interests of the law. This time, it may be worse. Please, loyal four readers, & those of you who live in Wisco, Vote for Louis Butler for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Here's a letter I just received from Sen. Feingold:
On Tuesday, we have an opportunity to reelect a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice who has both the experience and integrity Wisconsin deserves. That person is Justice Louis Butler.

Justice Butler's 15-year record of fair and impartial judgments is something we can all be proud of as he has worked to make our state safer and stronger. With outside interest groups spending millions of dollars in advertising in an effort to buy the court, it's imperative that we protect the integrity of our State Supreme Court.

I'm proud to support Justice Louis Butler for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and I hope you will join me in voting to reelect him tomorrow, April 1.

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Anonymous said...

Dan Bice has an article in Sunday's Milwaukee JS about a local murder that Gableman sat on for three years while he was Ashland County DA. I also got a card from the NRA asking me to vote for Gableman because he would protect my right to bear arms. Hmmm - Gableman and the NRA - wackos working for you and me.