Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Zero Tolerance

Now if a student did something like this, she would most likely be expelled. This is exactly why zero tolerance is stoooopid. & how many kids, say K-12, will know about this & understand how the district's 5 day PAID suspension means nothing. They guy will probably go out bobbing for lake trout on Lake Superior. He should have been fired.

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Anonymous said...

Read the article closely. No policy against the supposed act. No police action ie. No stoppy no tickky. Someone riding with him or some one they told snitched and he fessed up. That is the reading I get out of it. What does one get for honesty. Hard to tell from the article but it sounds more like a glass of wine with dinner as appossed to a night at the bar before driving home. Just saying old bearded one. RLK