Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sen. Clinton Has A Lot Of Dubious Support

This is what purports to be reasoned, civil discourse at a Sen. Clinton supporting blog. My, my anybody can train a Labrador Retriever, that's why they are so popular. There is one in my household, for crying out loud. This comment could be one more reason not to vote for you know who.
No, actually it’s like a whole ton of beetle-browed cretins who pile onto any smidgen of support for Hillary Clinton like poorly housetrained labrador retrievers on a squirrel. Don’t see much of a resemblance, there.

& notice how the commenter can't seem to spell Labrador Retriever, no wonder they can't be trained in that household.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hilary, her Bosnia/sniper fire story makes me think she spent too much time in the bar at the VFW convention.