Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm Sure Bu$hCo Will Want To Torture This Invader

...even though the wolverine was native to this area. Let's hope this animal can survive the remaining year of Bu$hco's reign of terror.

On a related note, how in the world did the University of Michigan teams get to be called wolverines? I suppose they thought they'd be tougher than the Wisconsin Badgers, not likely. The badger survived in the upper midwest, sadly, the wolverine did not. Maybe they never did roam the shores of lakes Michigan or Huron. I wouldn't be surprised if they did live in the U.P., which was the home of the grayling, a gorgeous fish. Too bad they aren't the Michigan Graylings. I think the Finns in the U.P. would be OK with that, but the manly men of Michiana probably would have a hard time with the name, while they sip their wine & eat caramelized peaches.

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