Monday, March 10, 2008

Not Good

I still haven't gotten over the $4.20/gallon that I paid to fill up my diesel truck last Friday. & it's not over yet. I'm not sure where this is leading, but it can't be anywhere good. It would be a lot better had this country not stuck it's collective head in the sand, & now oil sand. Mrs. coldH2O drives a Ford hybrid & likes it alot. The Kid also drives the same vehicle. The country, hasn't, thanks to Bu$hCo & Dick "Dick" Cheney, just wonderful oilmen, done a damn thing in terms of alternative fuels &/or energy. & the Democrats, for a variety of lousy reasons, have aided & abetted this disgrace. It wasn't until last year that the CAFE standards where raised. & this increase is only to 35 mpg by 2020 for crying out loud. My grandbabies will be driving by then. This is not a way to lead. & all of Bu$hCo's talk about weaning us from oil, or not, is just that, talk. It makes a person wonder, one more time, if the ReThugs really have the country's best interests in mind when they talk & legislate? The Democratic Party has a far better record in this regard, & yet, still needs all of our support to keep their spines stiff & true. With things looking so well for us this fall, maybe my grandbabies will be driving oil-free vehicles in 2020.

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