Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wisco Superdelegates

Via Uppity Wisconsin, a progressive Wisco blog that I have a real hard time navigating around, it's probably me, since I'm not the sharpest hook in the flybox, we are led to this list of Wisco's superdelegates. I think it's important that constituents of Tammy Baldwin get their fingers warmed up & send off some sort of plea to change her support. Maybe somebody can change Tim Sullivan's dating pattern for the good of the country. & of course, our Senator who apparently wants to be the Lieberman of La Follete's state, hasn't made up his mind yet. Surprise, surprise. Jeez Louise, what's the point of Kohl's political career anyway? Somebody, anybody, please fill me in. (I know, I know, a preposition should not end a sentence, well, just waterboard me.) The rest of the undeclared Wisco superdelgates, Lena Taylor, a State Senator from Milwaukee, Melissa Schroeder, chair of the Lincoln Co. Democratic Party, that's Merrill, Wisco, Paula Zellner, connected with the Feingold campaign, & Awais Khaleel, from the College Democrats are also undecided. They could probably use some more imput. Those from the campaign not known as Sen. Clinton's, ought to get in touch with these fine folks & urge them to, frankly, make the correct decision. As I have stated many times in the past, I was & am a John Edwards, supporter & am really ambivalent about Sen. Clinton. It is not in the best interest of the country or the Democratic Party, to continue to act like the ReThugs, in that succession appears to be a family ties deal, rather than the uncontaminated counting of votes. Not to mention that recently Sen. Clinton has continually said McCain, the ReThug, would be better a better President than Sen.Obama. What is she suggesting - a Clinton/McCain Unity ticket? So, loyal four readers, do your civic duty, if for no other reason the young folks I work with who have such a tough time in life that they don't know about The Declaration of Indepedence or, more importantly for some, & you know who you are, Warren Edward Spahn, who not only threw left, he batted left as well.

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