Monday, March 10, 2008

Just What We Didn't Need

Here. On the other hand, if this country didn't have such a goofy & mean attitude towards sex/sexuality, this probably wouldn't be much of a problem. The only good news is that the right has had way more problems than us.


Anonymous said...

Democrats screw and Republicans steal.

Scott said...

We joked at rehearsal, when I asked if he was a republican and Agamemnon said no, he's straight. Stole my thunder. So I followed up with when politicians are caught cheating democrats make unconvincing apologies and republicans insist they are not gay.

I posted to a friends blog:
There is an aspect of this case which disturbs me. It is satisfying to see a hypocrite hoist on his own hubristic petard, especially for a ridiculous crime.

The method bothers me. Datamining domestic intelligence was supposed to be for catching terrorists, and this already well down the slippery slope.

Most trouble of all, I don't expect this will get any media attention at all.

PS - I still read you regularly.

coldH2O said...

Scott, I agree. I, too, assumed the worst of Bu$hCo & his dataminers. Looks like we were correct. One more Democrat does the honorable thing, while Sen. Vitter can keep having his diapers changed. No justice, no peace.

Thanks for continuing to read. I truly consider you one of my loyal four readers.

Anonymous said...

Hi George, if you are spying today.

Watching Spitzer apologize for whatever he got caught doing, it occured to me that famous people always apologize to everyone AFTER they have been caught making it seem insincere. I think they should apologize as soon as possible after the deed is done, even though noone knows about it, so there can be no question of their remorse.