Sunday, July 22, 2007

Take A Ride

Now that I have your attention with this pic of a vivacious Swedish blonde....oh, sorry, I must have hit the wrong bookmark, no, no, well, anyway. Via Americablog. Yes, yes, & I still remember Alito. Yes, yes, no, no. I'm a bit confused, but Sweden, as usual, is not confused about the future of fossil fuel powered vehicles.
By 2020, the Swedish government wants every new car on the road to run on fuels that can be replenished, and one of its car companies is already speeding toward that ambitious goal.
For now, so-called flex-fuel cars can run on a mixture of gasoline, diesel, and ethanol, with mixtures ranging from 10 percent ethanol to the currently popular E85, which is 85 percent ethanol, to 100 percent ethanol. In Sweden, the government has eliminated the tax on renewable fuels, making them cheaper than regular gasoline, cut sales taxes on biofuel vehicles, offered free parking in cities for cars that use biofuels, and set aside separate lanes for bio-taxis at airports.
"A lot of Europe will be looking to the tropics to produce biomass," he said. "If we're mowing down rain forests, we're really missing the point.

My emphasis. This all makes sense, so that must be why America doesn't apply the same thinking to the real problem of gasoline/diesel powered vehicles. Or maybe it is something else. Or it could be this? Could it be this? Maybe it's here. Or this? Aw, the hell with it, back to the sex. OK, so I found the right photo of a hot Swedish blonde for the my loyal four readers.

He is hot. Damn, I may have to give up my Tab Benoit mancrush. But probably not.

See what I mean?

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