Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Abu" Al Gonzales, Shame Of America

I watched some of "Abu" Al's testimony today. I watched it in a small window on my laptop's monitor. The small window fit the small man being asked questions that he would not answer. It's getting more difficult to imagine a future for this country. Andrew Cohen sums it up.
Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales deserves to be fired for his testimony Tuesday alone; for morphing into Jon Lovitz's famous "pathological liar" character (or maybe just one of the Marx Brothers) as he tried to dodge and duck responsibility before the Senate Judiciary Committee not just for his shameful leadership at Justice but also his shameless role in visiting an ailing John Ashcroft in the hospital to try to strong-arm him into renewing the warrantless surviellance program. Can anyone out there remember a worse, less-inspiring, less confidence-inducing performance on Capitol Hill? I cannot.

Go read the rest, then drink a few gin & tonics to clean your soul, if you think you have one, I'll just try to clean out my throat.


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Anonymous said...

And Honest Al is still Attorney General. Any guesses where W is getting his Blow Jobs these days?

coldH2O said...

Amen, brother.