Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do Your Part/Project Nancygram

I know that my loyal four readers have lives beyond reading this blog & listening to me hectoring them to write letters. However, it's the only way to try & change the terrible direction this country is heading. What would happen, for example, if you didn't stop your child from running down the driveway right into the street in front of your house? You do stop your child, & explain the sad consequences of what will happen. This is the sort of conversation that continues throughout your life as a parent. The talks aren't always grim, most of the time they are exhilarating, full of life & promise &, ultimately, martinis. This country is needful right now, for your sincere, intelligent, hearty & heartfelt talk. It takes time, sheeesh, don't I know it, but it's worth it. Write the sponsors listed here. Check to make sure you are addressing the right corporation, the Adobe link actually goes to a BMW site. But do it. Also, it's real important that we keep pushing for Bu$hCo's impeachment, so here is a good example of what to do. Thanking you in advance. Oh, & here's your reward.

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