Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Josh Marshall is seeing. Maybe it's his baby boy. I know that The Twins have reinforced & strengthened & resurrected the true things I have learned in this life. Not least among them is the Constitution. & I realize that the formers of this document were no angels, as confirmed here & here, but, in general, it can be said to lay a decent groundwork for running a country. Bu$hCo has so maliciously ignored it, that we, as a people, a country, a government, must impeach him in order to reclaim the Constitution. These hateful morons must be held accountable. They believe & act as if they are above the law, anyone with a partially functioning mind knows this. So write your congressperson & demand of them, in a relatively polite manner, that you want Bu$hCo impeached & therefore you want the continuation of our evolving democracy. No more eating cake, & asking for more.

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Excellent choice - chick wise