Monday, July 23, 2007

Great Headline

Kutch’s wild ass habitat may soon get heritage label

& here I was getting all excited about the possibility of the heritage designation when I noticed the the paid advertisers on the right sidebar when I googled "old wild asses." To wit:
Mature Porn Review
Mature Gals
Older Women Porn
Why, one, or more, of my loyal four readers might ask, did you google "old" wild asses? The truth is quite simple. Previous to this google, I googled old deck wood. I was looking for info on treating old deck wood in order for it to have a bit longer life. I was also looking for a way to treat brand new black ash, which I will be using for the railing. Pics to follow, I promise. Anyway, in googling wild asses, I didn't delete the "old", ergo, old wild asses. The actual listing of links included:
JSTOR: Population Dynamics of a Reintroduced Asiatic Wild Ass ...
Ass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Somali Wild Ass ::
Saint Louis Zoo
A wild tale of wild asses (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS III)
(short ...Asiatic Wild Ass
San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Wild Ass
ADW: Equus asinus: InformationPDF]African Origins of the Domestic Donkey

Plus, at least 10 more pages of links. However, given my relative decrepit geezerhood, or I suppose the label could be heritage geezerhood, the paid ads gave me hope. The internets is a wonderful things.

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