Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mixter For Congress!

Mixter wants to be a Congressperson. Of course, like most of us normal people, she has no money. She wants to unseat the ReThug Paul Ryan, a Bu$hCo lackey. If we want to change this culture of corruption, this culture of real death, we need to elect progressive Democrats to Congress. Mixter has been on my blogroll for a long time now & she would be a great legislator, she loves cows for christ's sake, how can you not elect a person who loves cows? Especially since she's from Wisco. So, my loyal four readers, dig into your pockets, the ones without the holes in them, & see if you have any spare change for Mixter. Check out the couch & recliner as well. You'll be doing America a favor, believe me. You can reach Mixter, AKA Michele (Micki) Watters, by email at this address:

mixter_64 [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

She asks if we're up to the challenge, well, are we?

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