Saturday, October 01, 2005

Just What Seniors Need

Senior citizens don't need confusion or choice, for that matter. What seniors need is free medical care & free prescription drugs. A rich, progressive, modern nation does not fill the mailboxes of seniors with junk mail instead of real help. It makes me almost wish Bu$hCo would get some disease for which the cure requires a drug that the drug companies will not make becauce they cannot make a profit on the sales of that drug. I would never wish that on anyone, would I?

"'I'm spending quite a bit of time getting my own staff trained to [answer questions] and if it's taking this much time to get our nurses and social workers trained, you can imagine how confusing it will be for the average retiree,' said Billie Johnson, executive director of the Area Office on Aging of Northwest Ohio."

Emphasis added.

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