Monday, December 08, 2008


While in school at Madison, way back in the day when the politicos of Wisco actually valued post high school education for all, or at least all in the top 75% of a graduating class, I was quite inspired by the movie Z. It played at an off the square theater somewhere on the far east side of Madison. I had taken one semester of French, sadly know, but this movie was so good that it seemed that I didn't need to read the subtitles. I have also been envious of how quickly the youth of Greece can mobilize on any given issue. It appears that the recent murder of a 15 year old by the police has ignited a huge protest against the Greek government. I know that it's unpopular & a sign of not being serious, but I would hope that someday the young in America, along with their geezer allies, would act this fast & this fiercely. I like the incredibly awful writing of this paragraph in the story:
The youths regularly clash with the police, whom they view as symbols of the establishment. In most cases, the confrontations are relatively contained and end at the gates of universities with the young people holding off the police with gasoline bombs, rocks and slingshots.
I haven't heard the word establishment used in this context in, oh, let's say 48 years. Looks like a certain NYTs reporter needs to get out a bit more.

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