Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Child Left Untouched

Bu$hCo's worthless & harmful "education reform" has reached the heights of stupidity, much like Bu$hCo, himself. Here is the way one school district in Wisco deals with the mandated state tests. Just sad.
The law has led to a change of focus for many schools when it comes to how they approach educating students with disabilities, ranging from students with physical impairments to those who have slight learning disabilities to those who have medically diagnosed conditions such as autism.

At Arrowhead, it means time once spent teaching how to cope independently with a disability - using books on tape, for instance - is now devoted to more instruction on the skills they need to pass the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations.
Many, such as Arrowhead teacher Ginny Thorson, also worry about the toll on students' self-esteem of taking the same test as is given to someone with no disabilities.
To those people out there who actually believe that this change is a good thing for handicapped students, I don't know how you sleep at night. Must be a lot of mother's little helpers. I couldn't find The Stones singing their song, so you will need to be happy with this cover. So sue me. My emphasis.

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