Sunday, December 07, 2008

While I Didn't Shoot At A Deer Today, I Did Shoot At A Stump Just Off The Grass In The Front Yard, These Muzzle Loaders Require A Person To Fire It When You're Done Hunting Since There Isn't A Way To Unload It Once You've Put The Powder In, The Bullet In, & The Primer In, Yes, Yes, I Bought An Inline

Finally I have something to really smile about. This is President-Elect Obama's finest appointment, so far, IMHO. I've been less than excited, to say the least, about his team so far. Let's hope this is the beginning of a recognition of just how many liberals supported him in a really big way. Many of us stuck with him, even through the FISA vote, which he ought to regret. I'm glad for Gen. Shinseki, now he can do what Rumsfeld, Bu$hCo, Paul Wolfowitz & true tool Douglas Feith failed to do - understand that they were & are stupid, especially about Iraq. Has there been anything this idiot boy-president hasn't fucked up?
"If Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and [former undersecretary for defense Douglas J.] Feith had listened to Shinseki, there wouldn't be as many wounded veterans to take care of," Cole said. "I think this is a way of saying, 'Here was a career officer who had valuable insights who was shunted aside by arrogant civilians, and we're not going to make the same kind of mistakes.' "
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Anonymous said...

A large number of our senior military needs to be scorned(at the least) for their fealty to the Republican Party and bootlicking in general rather than performing their duty to their country and to the troops under their command. And that applies to the commander guy as well.