Monday, December 08, 2008

No More Moose?

Looks like moose in MN are leaving for cooler climes. The deniers blame the wolf, an easy, but completely moronic answer. It's global warming, absolutely no question. With President-Elect Obama as our new leader, I think we will see major improvement in our work with other countries. We will accept the responsibility of our role in global warming & do what we can to stop it. We just had a young bull moose wandering around Ashland, here in northern Wisco. I'd give you the link to The Daily Press' article, but they want a bunch of money so you will just have to believe me on this one. This is an event that occurs occasionally up here. The last moose, however, was a sick animal that was taken by the DNR. Moose are susceptible to a brain worm larvae that are carried by whitetail deer. They don't hurt the whitetails, but are lethal to a moose.

Moose Heading North To Avoid The Warm Weather

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