Monday, December 08, 2008

Sundown Suburb

I learned something new today, what a sundown suburb is. I had never even heard the term before. I can almost feel the neural network now being formed in my geezer brain, almost, but no cigar, oops, no smoking on this blog, unless, of course, it's after, whoa big fella. Sorry about that, some strange, outside force moved into my body from the snowy & cold outside. Any of my four loyal readers know the reference? Anyhoo, back to sundown suburbs - it just doesn't surprise me that Bu$hCo is moving into one in Dallas, TX, or that Dick "Dick" Cheney still has house located in one, again near Dallas, TX. Racism is not dead with the election of Sen. Obama, it just continued on in the toney neighborhoods, except for the servants.

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