Sunday, December 28, 2008

25 Years Ago, Reagan Was President

& he was a liar, so what did the Chesapeake expect? & for those of you who are still ReThugs, hard to believe that simple time doesn't mature some, we've had nothing but ReThug Presidents, with the minor relief from Clinton. We've also had the ReThugs in charge of the Senate & House for a lot of those years. ReThugs just don't give a shit about the environment, much like they don't like black people.
The water is still there, but The Bay -- the old, bountiful estuary -- is not. As the old industries have declined, they have been replaced by tourism, where the look of the water is all that matters. Or by trucking, or work in prisons, where the water doesn't matter at all.

This is the real cost of the cleanup's failure: People learning to live with broken promises.

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Anonymous said...

Repubicans have screwed up just about everything in this country either by malice or stupidity.
They were right about one thing though - the evil of welfare dependency.

Just look what it has done to our business community. They are no longer risk taking innovators but lurch from handout to handout while blaming their workers for their mismanagement. They can't compete in worldwide trade without a handout from the taxpayers, yet when they do prosper between handouts they fight tooth and nail to avoid paying taxes on their earnings, and when was the last time you heard a businessman say thanks for helping out?

I think they are due for some tough love.