Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm One Happy Dog

At least for now. We seem to have won a small victory today. & we can all give a big thank you to Sen. Chris Dodd for his big heart & his big courage. Without Sen. Dodd our civil rights would be even deeper in the dumpster. Here's Sen. Dodd:
And yet—the Senate is frozen today. I’ve objected passionately to retroactive immunity—but I did not shut out debate. Republicans have frozen the Senate since debate began last week. And they unwittingly created a perfect microcosm of retroactive immunity right here in this body. Because both flow from the same impulse: shutting down the organs of government—the courts, or the Senate—when you are afraid you won’t get your way. That’s why President Bush wants his favored corporations saved from lawsuits. And that is why the Republican Party wants this bill saved from any and all amendments—saved from serious and thoughtful discussion.

& here's Jay Rockefeller, who up until now, has been a supporter of letting Bu$hCo & his corporate cronies get off completely free in the illegal wiretapping fiasco:
Jay: Under the tortured logic of protecting America against terrorism, the WH has decided to exercise frankly its own form of political terrorism and has taken the FISA bill hostage.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Dodd was my first choice for pres. As for Jay - I trust him as much as I trust Arlen Specter.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Specter an evil organization in one of the Bond movies? ...hmm...