Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Addition

With the new year, the coldH2O household has a new addition. He's Tab, the cat. We have, the Kid, Son-in-Law, Mrs. coldH2O & me, named our cats with something related to New Orleans, a city we have come to love in so many ways, particularly the resiliency of the people after Katrina. & even though Bu$hCo has done his level best to destroy the city & to ethnically cleanse it, see this piece on Cyril Neville, there is still hope against hope that it will come back. So, to join Toulouse, Tchoupitoulas, Tipitina, we have added Tab, after one of my man crushes, Tab Benoit. Now Tab, the Benoit, is technically from Houma, LA, but it's close enough for us. Her are some pics of the new arrival, along with the new arrivals of last year, born on the one year anniversary of Katrina.

Tab, the cat.

Tab, the cat 2.

Tab & Marigny, they both just know there is something under the tile.

More love from Marigny.

Lucy gets into the giving some love act. It's surprising how gentle The Twins are with the animals.

Love from both The Twins.

Tab the cat 3.

Smiles from Tab & Marigny.

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