Tuesday, January 15, 2008

36th Anniversary

Today is the 36th anniversary of my & the illustrious & hard-working Mrs. coldH2O's wedding. & yes, there was no boat in the driveway. Or in the pole barn. Or in the garage (Truth be told, there is no room in the garage for anything, including a car.) The Kid called this a.m. to wish us the best. She & Luci Mae, one of The Twins were watching the early edition of BBC News. I'm also downloading & listening to some One-Man Johnson. He's a long lost friend from way back in the day. Think piano & piano player in the bed of a '56 Chevy pickup truck pounding out a hip version of Roll Out The Barrel, appropriate for Hwy. 8, heading west. Bob was in a band with a piano player at the time. While I really enjoyed those days, in reality, what I really ought to have hung onto was, of course, the truck. Materialism has always been my strong suit. I have attempted to become dialectical, but have had difficulty with that, though I continue to believe. Oh, well....

36th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gifts:
Modern Gifts: Bone China
I won't make any jokes about this.

Now really, which would you rather have?



Or this?

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Absolutely no contest. But of course it's all about love, right?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. When evaluating gifts during this period of global warming and rising sea levels, one should consider the utility of new teacups as compared to ....

coldH2O said...

Exactly. You're a good person.