Saturday, January 12, 2008

Packers 42, Seahawks 20

After listening to the first couple of minutes of the game on the radio in Mrs. coldH2O's Ford hybrid motorcar, I decided that we should drive to an undisclosed location in northern Wisco, hard by a frozen lake, & eat some cold shrimp & hot wings, & drink whiskey with soda. We did just that & by the time we got to the aforementioned undisclosed location, the refs came to their senses & the Packers had tied the game. & the best part of the deal is that is was snowing a hell of a lot more south of the undisclosed location & we had no dangerous Cheney to deal with, although several people appeared to be wearing masks, or more specifically, happy faces. More here.

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Spadoman said...

That was a great game to watch. When they went down early, it looked like it was over, but as soon as they had their first touchdown drive, you knew they would make a game out if it. I am a Packer fan, unless, of course, they are playing Da Bears. See ya Wednesday a.m., what time?