Saturday, January 26, 2008


A major news' source, McClatchy, uses the L word, &, no, it doesn't stand for Lebanese. Now, it would be great if the rest of the mainstream media followed suit. It is way past the time of the benefit of the doubt. Bu$hCo lied. Hat tip to Shutterwi. This is from McClatchy's Baghdad Observer, a blog by Leila Fadel, the Baghdad bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers.
Nine hundred and thirty five _ that's the number of "false statements" made by the U.S. administration about the dangers of Saddam Hussein in the two years following 9/11, according to a report by the Center for Public Integrity.
The report has a searchable database and tracks the slow trend of lies dating from 9/11, to the invasion, to Sept. 11, 2003. The lies peaked in February and March, the month before and the month of the invasion of Iraq.

Here's the link to the data base. & Dave Obey, my congresscritter, says impeaching the asshole Bu$hCo would be "absurd." Obey couldn't be more wrong.

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